Chihuahuas And Chocolate: A Dangerous Combination
By Michael J. Warren

If your Chihuahua has ever ingested chocolate, you know first hand the risks of what can happen to it. While most of us humans can eat chocolate without a second thought, smaller dogs (especially Chihuahuas) aren't quite as lucky.

Chocolate is usually thought of as a good tasting sweet or delicious candy bar. This is just the opposite when you bring Chihuahuas into the mix, as chocolate is toxic to them. More specifically, a naturally occurring compound found in chocolate (called theobromine) is what makes chocolate so dangerous to dogs.

To make matters worse, the smaller the dog, the more pronounced the side effects. Your Chihuahua may experience epileptic seizures, heart problems (and in some cases) internal bleeding. Unfortunately, in the worst case scenario, too much chocolate could even kill your beloved pet.

No matter how cute or persistent your Chihuahua may be, never give in and feed it some chocolate (whether it be a small or large amount). Which is more important: pleasing your dog for a few moments with a tasty tidbit or its overall longevity and well-being?

Also, be extra careful around holidays such as Halloween, Easter, and Christmas to make sure your Chihuahua doesn't munch on any chocolate containing treats. With a bit of effort and a watchful eye, you can keep your Chihuahua safe from this potentially deadly threat.

Michael J. Warren is the author of "The Ultimate Chihuahua Care Handbook," an invaluable resource for both new and current Chihuahua owners.

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